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Ads Announces Bing's rise in Popularity is due to Improved Search Experience

on 02 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: News  
Bing has partnered with Facebook and Klout to provide users with "social-search" results and now fields about 30 percent of Internet search queries

Draper, UT - October 02, 2012 -- Since its creation in June 2009, Bing has fought to gain market share in a sector already dominated by Google. Evolving from MSN Search and Live Search, Bing’s algorithm is now used to provide all Yahoo search results.
“While Google is clearly the market leader, we view Bing as a dark horse,” President Ash Buckles said. “Nearly a third of all Web searches now go through Bing. This is considerably more share than Microsoft achieved previously with MSN and Live Search.”

Bing turned heads with the way the search engine integrated social media into its search results, said Claye Stokes, director of SEO at

Facebook and Bing partnered to provide a search experience that integrates elements of the social networking website into the search engine. Once the user enables the Facebook-Bing application, related posts from the user’s Facebook friends will appear on a separate sidebar. Bing has also aligned with Klout, a tool that measures social influence, to provide users with expert opinions on certain subjects.

“Our design focuses on unique ways to bring friends and experts into search results,” said Kevin Anderson, a spokesman for Bing. “These social results complement the standard search results without compromising them.”

The focus on social media in search was part of Bing’s recent redesign, which was rolled out in May. The changes marked Bing’s first major tweaks in its three-year history. Aside from incorporating social media into search, Bing also focused on cleaning up its results pages, combating what they call “search overload syndrome,” by making results more human-friendly.

All of the redesigns and updates seem to be working. A new campaign launched by Bing, Bing it On, allows users to compare Google search results right next to Bing results and decide which ones they like better. Microsoft claims that in blind side-by-side comparisons, users prefer Bing results over Google, 2:1.

“Bing's a major search engine and traffic source, so marketers should definitely be considering it,” said Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land. “It has also indeed been on the rise.”

Search marketing expert David Mihm said optimizing a website to rank well in Bing is a little easier than it is for Google. This is because Bing’s algorithm is less reliant on link signals than Google’s and more reliant on traditional keyword-related factors.

“Feature-wise, I actually think a lot of Bing's features are ahead of Google (and) close to my heart,” he said. “They just need to capture the hearts and minds of more searchers and get them ‘trained’ away from typing every time they want to perform a search.”

Only time will tell if Bing will continue to gain search engine market share or if Google will remain the undisputed search giant.

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Source: PRWeb