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What is application concurrency?

on 23 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
Submitted by spec-india

In a multi-user system or application, concurrency is a major issue that the development team must address. Concurrency, in the context of a software application, is the handling of multiple users attempting to access the same data at the same time.

For example, consider a multi-user order processing system that allows users to add and edit orders for customers. Adding orders is not a problem - since each new order generates a discrete record, several users can simultaneously add orders to the database without interfering with one another.

SQL database corruption due to index fragmentation

on 03 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
by Jonny

When it comes to the performance of raw databases, the biggest performance gaining mechanism could be the use of indexes. Database indexes improve access to your stored data, so you do not have to scan whole tables for accessing your data.

Indexing saves a lot of CPU, memory and I/O usage. Though, it is useful for databases to use indexes, over time the indexes could become fragmented. It makes the SQL server performance lower than usual, delayed transactions, locking, blocking and decreased throughput.

The advantages of PHP

on 23 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
by FutureTrend

PHP is one of the fastest growing web scripting languages on the Internet today, and for good reason. PHP (which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor) was designed explicitly for the web. Designed in 1994 to enable the creation of dynamic web pages quickly and easily, PHP has exploded in growth and has been adopted by major vendors such as Linux that have included the language with their web servers. The language is easy to learn and works with a variety of operating systems. PHP’s strong performance, coupled with its modest learning curve, has made it the language of choice for many businesses wanting a cost-effective rapid application development solution for the web.

PHP Paamayim Nekudotayim - The Secret is in the Code

on 15 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
by Jesse Somer

Do you know what a Paamayim Nekudotayim is? Are you a web developer or software engineer? Well come on, spit it out then (saying these words caused me to accidentally spit on my girlfriend's arm, she wasn't very impressed). If you've used PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) to create your websites you would have come across these strange words. But, why are they there? I mean, computer languages are strange and different compared with normal human beings' tongues, but this is just too weird.

PHP and people go hand-in-hand in evolution

on 10 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
by Jesse Somer

Web developers are normal people. Do you agree? Most probably if you are reading this article I am talking about you. So look in the mirror…are you normal? If you are a developer you would know about, or at least have heard about PHP. PHP is now being used by hundreds of thousands of developers, and it’s installed on several million sites across the Internet. We’re talking over 20% of the domains on the Internet people! So, how do you think technology like this was created then? Do you think it was built by a team in the massive building of a large company? Wrong…You are completely wrong. It was made by a single person (he happened to come from Canada if you feel that is relevant) who was just trying to make a simple set of Perl scripts that would see how much traffic was going to his online resume. Can you believe it? This is how technology evolves my friends. Normal people like you have tasks they need to complete and using a little bit of ingenuity, new ways of doing things are born. These small new ideas then help humanity to go forward as a whole species…in this case because now it is much easier to create a website on the Internet.

Perl of wisdom, Perl of laughter

on 08 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Programming  
by Jesse Somer

You are a web-developing super-programmer who’s going to change the world. You know all about Perl, I mean it’s the most general purpose programming language around, and probably the most widely used for small ‘glue’ applications between other applications. It’s been described as the ‘duct tape’ of the Internet…Well it pretty much created the Internet that we know today. I decided to look into this super-language a bit deeper to see what I could find out about the people who created it. Boy was I unprepared! Have you ever see a computer language that has so many weird and strange affiliations? Haiku contests, ‘Keepers of the Pumpkin’, "manipulexity", "whipuptitude", ‘TMTOWTDI’ (pronounced TIM-toady), hubris, camels, "Swiss Army chain-saw"…Stepping into the world of Perl was taking a dive into some quirky humanity, some strange creation, a humorous extension of ingeniousness.