The Launch of Presscart is Revolutionizing the PR Industry

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04 Apr
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Presscart is changing the way businesses go about obtaining press coverage by streamlining the process for a more efficient PR solution.

Presscart is changing the way businesses go about obtaining press coverage by streamlining the process for a more efficient PR solution.

The launch of an AI-powered publishing platform, Presscart, is causing a stir in the PR industry. Aiming to address some of the issues that companies run into with getting published online, Presscart makes obtaining press coverage easy and affordable. David Jiang, co-founder, is bringing his background in sales and marketing, as well as his experience building and working with e-commerce businesses, to the table in order to make it easier than ever to leverage the power of press through their newly launched Presscart.

Presscart is not your typical PR service. Presscart gives brands complete control over their pitch, including who receives it. Additionally, they never require monthly fees and promise turnaround times as little as 24 hours after submitting the pitch. Their relationships with Fortune 500 publishing partners, along with an AI-powered writing service, are what enables Presscart to get you published easier than ever. Co-Founder Edgar Li is passionate about his product and has this to say about their game-changing technology based platform:

"We're thrilled to be launching Presscart and bringing a new approach to the world of public relations. Our technology platform empowers businesses to take control of their own storytelling and get published in top-tier publications, without high costs and uncertainties. With our AI-powered writing service, we're making it easy for companies to share their brand's story and reach the audiences that matter most. We can't wait to see the impact that Presscart will have on the way businesses approach getting published online.”

Presscart uses a simple, four-step process to get the best press coverage possible. Users will first choose their publications from the list of partner publications, then provide information to build their story through the AI-powered writing service. Once the content is generated and the pitch has been approved, the team at Presscart will go to work getting the user’s brand published.

"At Presscart, we're passionate about helping businesses achieve the visibility they deserve in a transparent and affordable way. We've seen firsthand how companies can waste a lot of money trying to get published online and often fail to obtain results. With our technology and AI-driven platform, we're able to provide businesses with a much more efficient and effective way to get published in high-quality publications. We're excited to launch Presscart and empower businesses to tell their stories and build their reputations with confidence,” says co-founder David Jiang.

Press is important for businesses of all sizes to help build social proof, generate traffic to their websites, improve SEO, and attract talent and investors. Co-founders David and Edgar are excited to make these important press services more easily available to a wider range of businesses through the launch of Presscart.


About Presscart: Presscart is an AI-based PR platform that uses a unique technology-based approach to obtaining press coverage. Their simple four-step method streamlines the process of getting published by giving businesses more control over their content, and charging them less to do so. Presscart is well connected and has strong relationships with Fortune 500 publishing partners to get you published in the right places, without retainers or hidden fees.

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