Are Search Engine Results Seasonal?

by Admin

29 Nov
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by Jody Nimetz

The other day I was checking search engine rankings for a few of my clients. I was noticing some trends with their results in Google. It seems as if their rankings had gone up for a few months during their peak seasons. Then when their "busy season" tailed off, rankings fell a bit. While this may not seem extraordinary, it got me thinking? Are the search engines smart enough to index and rank websites based on seasonality? What about sites where seasonality is not a factor? Are search engine results seasonal?

So I checked a few more of my clients and sure enough the same trend seemed to appear. It is common sense to think that if your business is seasonal you are going to have a "peak" season and "off" season. Is this the same for search engines? Is there seasonality online? Do the search engines have "peak" seasons and "off" seasons? Well, possibly if you consider that they perform major updates a couple of times throughout the year. This could be considered their "peak" season(s)

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