Matt Cutts: Celebrity Google Engineer

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01 Dec
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by Gord Hotchkiss

My suspicion is that Matt Cutts leads a pretty normal existence most times. Matt can probably walk through most rooms without attracting too much attention. But twice a year, when Matt's in a room, Paris Hilton could walk through in a thong and not get a second glance. Every spring and fall, Matt holds court with his people. They are the webmasters of the world, and to them, Matt's a rock star.

Up to this past week, I had never met Matt. I'd heard about him, of course. One of the early hires at Google. The man who fights the never ending battle of the Spammer. The man who reached out to the webmaster community to try to shed some light into the dark corners of Google's ranking algorithm. When I did meet him at Webmaster World, I was surprised. For a man who literally holds the power of online life and death for many webmasters, Matt's just a really nice guy. He's affable, approachable, self effacing and pretty darn funny. This is not the dark Sith overlord of the Googleplex. This is the kind of guy you'd like to grab a beer with.

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