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The Top Advantages Of Custom Software Development, According To Report From SDCR - Top Software Development Companies

on 17 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

Readymade software solutions are tempting to growing businesses. But determined the top advantages that custom software offers and the leading developers who can help.

Off-the-shelf software can seem affordable and often tempts businesses looking for digital solutions to help them grow.

But a new report from -- a B2B marketplace connecting brands with software developers -- uncovered the leading advantages that custom software can provide.

The Search Monitor’s LiveSERP Tool Is Now Online

on 03 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

Users can now preview live SERPS side by side with The Search Monitor’s newly available web-based LiveSERP tool

The Search Monitor’s LiveSERP tool is now web-based. LiveSERP makes it possible for users to run live web searches, from multiple cities, countries, engines, and platforms (mobile or desktop) on the fly. It’s the ultimate SERP preview tool for SEM and SEO. LiveSERP is free for The Search Monitor’s clients to use.

WebiMax Announces Release of Updated

on 07 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

The world-leading digital marketing firm, WebiMax, released a complete refresh of their website analyzer tool on This proprietary, application was originally developed exclusively by WebiMax's internal development division and has since made some crucial changes to stay in line with Google and their updates in 2018.

The newly updated tool is user-friendly and will allow any user to instantly discover all of the main issues that are both right and wrong on their website. As a leading SEO company, WebiMax wants the user to gain a long-term understanding of the factors that impact their search rankings and overall online visibility.

Link-Assistant.Com Enhances Rank Tracker with the Keyword Archiving Option

on 23 Jul  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

With the new Keyword Sandbox module, Rank Tracker provides a place for convenient storage of all keyword ideas found through different in-built keyword research methods for future analysis and filtering.

Link-Assistant.Com, the full SEO cycle software suite, has released today the update for its Keyword Research in Rank Tracker. Keyword research, being a long-running task, gets much more efficient with a possibility to come back to the previously found keywords for a more in-depth analysis. The new module also allows users to have their keywords grouped automatically according to different levels of semantic similarity as well as rearrange keyword groups to their own liking. The update is available to all Rank Tracker users (this includes Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions).

Link-Assistant.Com Releases New Reports in SEO PowerSuite

on 10 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

After months of surveying SEO PowerSuite users, the company has included all the requests into the data-rich and customizable SEO reports.

Link-Assistant.Com, a leading provider of SEO software for search professionals, announced today the release of new reports in SEO PowerSuite. The update gives users full control over the data they report on, more customizability options, and new report widgets and templates with even more SEO data. SEOs can try out these customizables by downloading SEO PowerSuite's free version. The functionality is available in full in the Enterprise edition of the product.

SEO Spider Tool Crawler Ranking Backlink Analysis Platform Update Launched

on 08 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

SEO software SEOcrawler announced a complete website redesign for improved accessibility and higher overall performance. From domain and competition analysis to link management and brand monitoring, the software is ideal for both digital marketers and business owners looking to improve their Google ranking.

SEOcrawler, an SEO software allowing website and business owners to perform a variety SEO-related functions, updated its website for improved accessibility and efficiency. The website redesign features an effective breakdown of the most important SEOcrawler features, allowing visitors to assess the suitability of the software to their particular needs.

Link-Assistant.Com Introduces SERP Features to Rank Tracker

on 05 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

The newly released feature allows users to track 15 types of SERP features (Local Packs, rich snippets, Instant Answers, Tweet boxes, etc.) in Google and Google Mobile, in addition to organic results, for both users’ websites and of their competitors’.

Link-Assistant.Com, the professional all-in-one SEO software provider, has announced the release of SERP Features in Rank Tracker. Following the constant evolving of the search engine results page, the new version of Rank Tracker makes it possible to track rankings in featured snippets, Ads, Knowledge Graph panels, Shopping results, and 11 more Google result types. From now on users can gather SERP intelligence for both their websites and of their competitors’, track the volatility of the SERP features, and optimize for the most stable ones to gain more traffic. The update is available to all Rank Tracker users (this includes Free, Professional, and Enterprise editions).

RDS-Knight, the best tool to enforce RDS Server Security

on 05 May  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

RDS-Knight is a RDS Server security software built to offer the ultimate protection against today's cyber threats landscape. Its 360 degrees approach to security combines advanced technology, the latest lessons and insights RDS-Tools elite team of Remote Desktop specialists bring back from real-world missions to protect your RDS servers with five majors features: Geo-restriction policies, time-based access control, brute-force attacks defender, user rights policies limitation, device protection.

Celebros Announces the Launch of Traffic Builder V2, a Dynamic SEO Tool Powered by Natural Language Processing Algorithms

on 30 Mar  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

Leader in natural language site search technologies launches a new robust user-generated SEO tool in time for the 2017 Magento Imagine Worldwide Conference in Las Vegas

Celebros, Inc. Magento’s Premier Site Search partner and global leader in natural language - semantic site search, navigation and merchandising technologies announced the release of its new Traffic Builder v2 dynamic SEO generator. The Traffic Builder v2 will be added into the already feature rich suite of conversion optimization tools offered by Celebros to its global online retailers across all eCommerce platforms.

Link-Assistant.Com Introduces Mixed HTTPS Content Checker to WebSite Auditor

on 16 Mar  Posted by Admin  Category: Software  

With the majority of websites moving to HTTPS, some page elements remaining HTTP is an issue; WebSite Auditor’s new feature lets spot these elements at once and make websites truly secure.

Link-Assistant.Com, provider of the leading professional SEO software, SEO PowerSuite, announced today the release of a new feature in WebSite Auditor: mixed HTTPS content checker. From now on, WebSite Auditor users can instantly scan their websites for the most common HTTPS migration issue, fixing mixed HTTPS content errors. WebSite Auditor is available for free download at Link-Assistant.Com’s official website.

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