Search Breaks Out of the Box in Park City

by Admin

16 Dec
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by Gord Hotchkiss

Wow! The Search Insider Summit is in full swing in Park City, Utah and for the first time in 6 or 7 Summits, I’m not there. I don’t mind saying, it’s feeling kinda weird.

Laurie Sullivan and the team, including your emcee Aaron Goldman, did a bang up job putting the show together. I did have some limited involvement, looking on from the sidelines as they lined up the speakers and nailed down the agenda. They’re touching on all the hot topics: the convergence of display and search, social and search (pretty much everything and search), new platforms to allow for more effective targeting, the ongoing changes on the SERP, using data to make smarter marketing decisions, and yes, once again, how mobile will change everything (and this time, it’s really true!)

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