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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

on 01 Aug  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  

Written by Skadi Gidionsen - Opus Design

Your website looks decent, you have gotten used to all its little imperfections, limitations and can work around things that are not perfect. There are no real reasons to upgrade your website, to invest considerable time and budget. It’s good enough – but is it?

For most companies and institutions, the website is the first impression their audience has of them. Sometimes, it is in fact the only chance you have to interest someone in your product. If you provide information, and it is difficult to find it or outdated, your visitors will likely leave and go to a competitor. So “setting and forgetting” is not a practice beneficial to your business.

Different keywords require different SEO tactics

on 26 Jan  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  
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Keywords with little competition require different tactics than keywords with high competition. If you want to get the best possible results for your website, you must use the right tactics with the right keyword.

ClickTale review - powerful web site and in page analytics - try it free

on 10 Feb  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  
by Michael Bloch

There are all sorts of analytics and web traffic statistics services around; and some even offer clickstream data whereby you can piece together the route a visitor takes through your web site.

Where these software applications and services usually fall down is showing you more granular details. For example, in the scenario where there may be multiple links to a certain page on any given page, what version and link placement did a visitor follow?

5 reasons why your SEO campaign doesn't work (yet)

on 09 Feb  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  
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Web site promotion software

Many webmasters face the problem that their SEO campaigns don't deliver the expected results. Why are your campaigns underperforming? What can you do to make sure that search engine optimization works for you?

There can be several reasons why your SEO campaign isn't a success yet:

Marketing Production Costs Soar

on 07 Feb  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  
: “21st Century Marketing Paradox” Drives Need for Marketing Automation And Mass-Customization

Free white paper gives 25 examples of automation features that a wide variety of business types and industries can implement.

Gaithersburg, MD  February 3, 2011 -- Gold Lasso, a provider of multichannel marketing management technologies, today released a white paper detailing actionable techniques for the simplification of email marketing and multi-channel processes. The paper analyzes ways for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and government-to-citizen organizations to reduce cost and human error while remaining competitive online. “Marketing Automation for Everyone Explained and Implemented,” provides marketers a solid education on the technologies, implementation methods and caveats surrounding modern automation solutions.

Points to consider while patching your Operating System

on 29 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: Web Development  
Submitted by spec-india

Unfortunately, no code that is millions of lines long is perfect, and security holes will always exist. One of the best ways to protect yourself is to make sure your system has the most recent patch levels installed. Rarely does a virus or worm attack a brand new vulnerability; rather, they attack known vulnerabilities for which patches exist. Typically, people who discover vulnerabilities will report them to Microsoft, and a patch is created and released along with the announcement of the vulnerability.