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07 Feb
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: “21st Century Marketing Paradox” Drives Need for Marketing Automation And Mass-Customization

: “21st Century Marketing Paradox” Drives Need for Marketing Automation And Mass-Customization

Free white paper gives 25 examples of automation features that a wide variety of business types and industries can implement.

Gaithersburg, MD  February 3, 2011 -- Gold Lasso, a provider of multichannel marketing management technologies, today released a white paper detailing actionable techniques for the simplification of email marketing and multi-channel processes. The paper analyzes ways for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and government-to-citizen organizations to reduce cost and human error while remaining competitive online. “Marketing Automation for Everyone Explained and Implemented,” provides marketers a solid education on the technologies, implementation methods and caveats surrounding modern automation solutions.
“We see a growing need for today’s marketing departments to learn how to mass-produce customized marketing messages while automating the most repetitive of tasks,” said Elie Ashery, CEO and co-founder of Gold Lasso. “This means organizations must invest more in human creativity as well as efficient technologies to get the same job done without going overboard on their production budgets.”

This budget dilemma, which includes the rise in costs to produce marketing content yet the drop in costs of airtime, column-inches and Internet presence, is what Gold Lasso has coined “The 21st Century Marketing Paradox.” The Paradox, the paper concludes, grew from the widespread channel fragmentation and increase in online advertising opportunities.

Marketing automation
processes, as detailed in Gold Lasso’s white paper, involve more than just the synchronization of CRMs. In 2011, organizations have access to automated message development, workflow, segmentation, personalization and analytics. Automation, which relies heavily on data, enables content to be driven by demographics, behavioral, lifecycle and transactional targeting. This white paper gives 25 examples of automation features that a wide variety of business types and industries can implement through methodical planning and new technologies.

The paper also draws parallels between marketing automation and the failures of CRM technologies, providing examples where the right strategies can serve as a model for all marketers. Businesses looking for simple process solutions can download this broad-based automation report for free from Gold Lasso’s Online Education Center. A complimentary webinar series will follow the release of this white paper. The paper includes a guide to automation features, their applications and how to address problems in current marketing processes to reach desired outcomes. For more information contact 301-990-9857 ext 215 or visit

About Gold Lasso

Founded in 2002, Gold Lasso, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, is a provider of sophisticated multi-channel marketing technologies and services that help companies easily interact with their customers in a more relevant and personalized way. In an ever-changing marketing environment, long-term client success is our mission; therefore we provide every client with a dedicated and knowledgeable Account Manager who delivers ongoing strategic guidance. As a continuous developer of innovative features, Gold Lasso is greatly attuned to market shifts and client needs. We make multichannel marketing success cost-effective and easy by providing an all-inclusive feature set scalable for clients to grow their marketing efforts without having to migrate to more expensive systems. We do this by leveraging open source technologies that afford us greater cost advantages that we pass on to our clients. Some of these features include an intuitive and user-friendly interface, in-depth metrics and reporting, campaign automation and a robust API for easy integration. Gold Lasso is truly a complete system designed for clients to achieve a maximum ROI from their email, mobile and web marketing efforts.

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