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How to react to ranking drops

on 15 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Site Promotion  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Google has released quite a few ranking algorithm updates during the past few weeks. Have your rankings dropped? This article will help you to recover your rankings.

Normal fluctuations are not the same as ranking drops

The lower search results usually fluctuate much more than the top search results. If your website is new in the top 5 results, you can expect more fluctuation than websites that have been listed in the top 5 results for a longer time.

You can also expect higher fluctuation if the keywords are related to a hot topic. If Google shows results that are marked with "two hours ago", or "one day ago" then it's likely that the keyword is related to such a hot topic.

If your website was ranked in the same positions for several weeks before the rankings dropped, you should take a closer look at the changes.

ASEOHosting’s Page Says Google SEO Changes Require More Schooling in Big Data, Analytics

on 10 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Site Promotion  

Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting, a provider of Search Engine Optimization-focused hosting, today commented on Google’s purported shift “from search engine to portal.”

Daniel Page, Director of Business Development at ASEOHosting, a provider of Search Engine Optimization-focused hosting, today commented on Google’s purported shift “from search engine to portal.”

That phrase was first uttered in a keynote at SMX Advanced in June by Search Engine Land editor Jessica Bowman. In her presentation, Bowman explained that Google has, over the past several years, made a number of changes to its search engine which fundamentally change the end-user experience. These plans, she explained, will have far-reaching consequences for the SEO field.

JM Internet Group Announces New 2020 Social Media Marketing Tutorial on YouTube

on 07 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

JM Internet Group is preparing a new, 2020 edition of the Social Media Marketing Workbook along with tools and Youtube videos.

The JM Internet Group, a leader in books and online learning on Google Ads (AdWords), Social Media Marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is proud to announce a preview version of its 2020 Social Media Marketing tutorial on YouTube. Timed to coincide with the fall 2019 update to the popular Social Media Marketing Workbook, the video is an overview of how social media marketing works with pointers to zero cost tools available on the Internet.

Reminder: it’s not enough to remove technical errors to rank well (but it’s important)

on 01 Oct  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Technical errors can block search engines from accessing your web pages. Unfortunately, it is not enough to fix these technical errors. You need more to get high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Left Leads Launches Pay-Per-Lead and Takes The Risk Out Of Marketing IT Services

on 26 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: News  

Left Leads, the IT & MSP digital marketing agency, proudly presents its new service, tailor-made to address the continuous need for more and better-qualified leads: Pay-Per-Lead. With Pay-Per-Lead, Left Leads manages the digital marketing of the client to maximize its potential and the clients only pay for the genuine, targeted business leads that they receive.

Which is the biggest pain point in marketing IT companies? Their sales cycle. Why? Because it can last from anywhere from three months to three years, while the average deal size can range from 20K to more than 5 million dollars. Meanwhile, the time and money spent to close those deals increase exponentially.

Lead Generation Skyrockets Thanks to New Las Vegas SEO Program

on 23 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

With national and local SEO Las Vegas programs from Dominate My Market, companies have the most qualified lead generation programs and new online sales growth.

While new marketers always say "SEO isn't a thing anymore," stats say otherwise. In fact, 93 percent of all online activity starts with a search engine, and 50 percent of all online activity will come voice search in 2020. It's safe to say that if your business doesn't have a website with search engine optimization (SEO), then you are far behind your competitors. Dominate My Market has a new solution for las vegas lead generation and SEO in Las Vegas that helps businesses instantly boost their online lead generation and eCommerce sales.

Google: you might get unstable results with m-dot domains (

on 17 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Search Engines  

Article by Axandra
SEO software

Google's John Mueller said on YouTube that there you might get unstable rankings if you use an m-dot domain for your mobile web pages (for example Although Google won't drop support for m-dot domains, John Mueller recommends to use other ways to present your mobile pages.

COO of Stresses Importance of Thorough SEO Audits

on 10 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related, a domain registration, SSL service, and SEO hosting provider, is reminding clients that they should carry out regular audits of their search engine optimization.

A full SEO audit involves a comprehensive examination of every facet of SEO. This includes an analysis of technical, on-page, off-page, competitive standing, and keyword research. It also accounts for audience identity — a website’s primary demographic and ideal visitor.

“Many business and website owners take stock of their market, keywords, and audience when they first establish an online presence,” said Terry Cane, COO at “However, what many of them fail to realize is that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. The results of that initial audit, valuable though they are, will not be relevant forever.”