8 Super Effective SEO Link Building Strategies for 2020, According To Healthy Links

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09 Jan
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Google is now cracking down on that "sponsored content" and links that have been bought, making grey/blackhat link building tactics much more likely to have you penalised.

Google is now cracking down on that "sponsored content" and links that have been bought, making grey/blackhat link building tactics much more likely to have you penalised. So, what are the safest link building strategies to try out for 2020?

Google is now cracking down on "sponsored content" and links that have been bought, making grey/blackhat link building tactics much more likely to have you penalised.

This tag marking is most likely due to Google's own research of finding patterns for sites that are selling placements/ or doing link schemes on their websites. It goes against their webmaster guidelines https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en for publishers to sell link placements on their websites, so this is most possibly the first step towards Google tracking which sites are doing this.

To adapt to this change, use white hat link building methods such as blogger outreach, guest posting and promoting your blog to be linked to - making a healthy network of links.

Link building can be the most challenging part of SEO, especially when you’re a newbie. So what are the most effective link building strategies to try out for 2020?

While it won't fast track your site to page one in an instant, link building is still a powerful way to build a site's authority and improve rankings in the SERPs. There are numerous tried and tested ways to go about a link building project as an SEO agency. Here are 8 of them:

1. Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach is perhaps one of the oldest and most effective link building strategies out there. Blogger Outreach involves getting permission to post an informative piece of content on an authoritative website. The content should contain a link to your website or page. There are two things you should keep in mind when using this strategy.

Post on an authoritative and reputable site - you should ideally try and get on an authority site within your site. This can be a popular blog, informational website, or a news agency's website. The bigger the site, the better. Also, check the domain authority (DA) using an SEO tool called Moz.

You should post high-quality content - avoid the temptation of publishing an article that sounds like an advertisement. Come up with informative content that piques the readers' curiosity and makes them want to explore the topic further by following your link.

2. Create Great Sharable Content

Organic link building is tough but also the safest way to improve a site's visibility. Invest time and money in building great content that people will share and link to. Come up with attention-grabbing titles and share the content as widely as possible. With time, good content will always get healthy links from the right sources.

3. Quora & Reddit Comments

In the past, people used to get a good number of quality external links by commenting on other blogs and forums. However, this method got a bad reputation after Blackhat SEO experts started using bots for spamming comment sections across the web. You can still get good backlinks using this method by making substantive comments and contributions to discussions on websites that allow do-follow links such as Quora & Reddit. Provide genuine answers that have value and of course, reference your site appropriately.

4. Competitors Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO and link building always helps. There are numerous tools you can use to spy on the competitor's website and see where they are linked to, their content strategy, and so much more. This will also help in identifying potential backlink hosts for your site. By analysing a competitor that's on the first page for the keywords you're targeting, that would signify that their backlinks work and hence you should obtain those backlinks as well.

5. Use Influencers

Influencers can be a valuable source of high-quality backlinks that also convert. Reach out to influencers in your niche and see if you can get a link from their end. You can either pay them for the links or share some content that might interest their audience. Be careful about paid backlinking campaigns though; they should still have some degree of originality and high quality.

6. Web Directories & Social Media

Also referred to as 'Pillow Links', you should have an entry in every directory/social media site that lists businesses or businesses in your niche. Most of these sites allow entries from the business owners. Find high-quality and unique directory entries and include a link to your website.

7. Become a Contributor

If you get a chance to contribute to crowd-sourced content, you should utilize it. This is especially helpful if you're an expert in a certain field, and his or her input is valued. You can also make an interview or contribution offer from your end and request a backlink.

8. Resource Content

Create an article listing several resources and link to them. An example of a resource article is one that lists blogs or other articles that your visitors can visit. Use this strategy to get other people to link to your website.

As an extra step, you can reach out to the blogs or websites you included in your resource list and ask if they would like to include the article on their website. Most of them will, as it also builds their site's credibility.

Final Remarks

While link building is an effective SEO strategy, you should be aware of the dangers of link schemes. Google and other search engines are aware of inorganic link building campaigns. Link building should be treated as a slow and natural way to improve your ranking using great quality content.

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