212 Newsmaker Night with John Battelle: Author of The Search

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by Joseph Pratt

by Joseph Pratt

I'm looking at John Battelle's words that I jotted onto my notepad: 'ephemeral to the eternal'. He was describing the permanent trace we leave behind as Internet users - how our immediate needs or curious whims are logged forever through the process of search. These electronic etchings serve as treasure maps to those nimble and opportunistic enough to read them. Search is a vitally important aspect to the users and businesses alike, and there isn't a better guide in the field today than Mr. Battelle. When people ask me about search, which is often; I immediately refer them to his blog, Searchblog (www.battellemedia.com), without qualification.

I went with ICMediaDirect.com's VP of Sales, Diana Lee, to hear Mr. Battelle speak last week in New York City. It was 212 Engagement's 'Newsmaker Night', sponsored by CBS Digital Media. He authored 'The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture', he has an influential search industry blog aptly named Searchblog. He founded The Standard and Wired Magazine. And there's even more, but what interests me is that his opinion shapes the opinions in the Search world. Simply put, Battelle's credentials impress.

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