The secrets of getting high traffic for your site from search engines

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07 Jun
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by Terry Detty

by Terry Detty

Many webmasters who hate any form of control will hate to ever admit it, but the fact is that well over 80 per cent of the traffic web sites and blog sites typically receive still comes in via search engines. It matters little that in recent times search engines have had to face the wrath of webmasters who have seen their traffic wiped out virtually overnight by unfavorable adjustments in their algorithms. Many have abandoned search engine optimization in a huff and sworn to find other ways to generate traffic.
Still there is no denying that search engines are a source of traffic that cannot be ignored. In fact search engines are the most reliable source of traffic for many webmasters and so it is important to understand precisely how they go about getting traffic via the search engines. On the surface it looks like manything that is terribly difficult to achieve. One reason is the fact that with search engines you are competing with the rest of the world for traffic, a daunting task, no doubt.

If You Want Traffic You Must Understand The Different Search Engines
There are three major search engines. Namely Google (which accounts for about 60 oer cent of the total traffic), Yahoo and MSN. The last two account for almost 40 per cent of the total traffic and this is interesting to note because many people totally ignore Yahoo and MSN and tend to focus all their attention on the giant Google.

Always remember that the three major search engines all have different algorithms and have slightly different requirements. For example a high keyword density of over 10 per cent will get a site rated well with Yahoo and MSN. However such a key word density with Google is too high and will be dangerously close to being penalized for SPAM key wording. Actually a keyword density of 5 per cent or below will tend to work out much better with the Google search engine. So how does one strike a balance?

Many webmasters keep their keyword density low with Google in mind and then use other tactics like back links to appear high in the search results for Yahoo and MSN for the same article.

It is very important to understand the different requirements of the different search engines, if you are serious about generating high traffic from search engines.

High Traffic From Search Engines Must Include A Blog Strategy
Blogs almost always tend to rank higher in search engine results for high traffic keywords than traditional web sites. The reason is that blogs have much more content that websites usually do, which means many more words for search engines to comb for keywords and keyword phrases.

Because of this, no serious search engine optimization can take place that has not incorporated blogs in to their strategy. The way most web sites use blogs is to generate lots of content and post it on their blog with a generous number of lonks pointing back to their site. Thus what happens is that the huge blog traffic that they are able to attract within a very short time is re-directed to their site.

Blogs are also the ideal way to create interaction with your prospects and you can use them to answer queries and also give valuable tips on how to benefit more from your product or service.

Select The Right Keywords
But even as you make every effort to generate the sort of valuable content that will distinguish your site, chances are that you will be wasting your valuable time if you have not done your homework concerning the right keywords and keyword phrases to use.

Usually you will need to use online services that need to be paid for, for you to be able to efficiently identify the most valuable high traffic keywords which you have a decent chance of ranking highly with leading search engines.

One cannot avoid this subject of keywords when seeking to generate traffic as it is the main way that traffic is generated from all search engines. These days keyword research also involves finding alternate substitute words to use to avoid repeating keywords too often and being penalized for it by search engines like Google.

Terry Detty, 42 years old, finds internet marketing his passion. In addition to marketing he enjoys reading, and occasionally goes out for a short walk.

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