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Social Networking and your business

on 06 Jan  Posted by Admin  Category: Internet Related  

by Michael Frost

Social networking is the up and coming way to grow your business. It's a way to meet new people, communicate with people you already know, learn from others, and share your business. There are rules that go with networking that will make or break your success.There are three websites that are very popular with the business crowd right now. We will talk about these sites and how to network to your success.


Twitter is a live site where you can communicate with others. It's like instant messaging in that the messages come through right away. It's different in that you receive messages that are not directed to you, but sent by people that are listed as your followers.

One way to be successful with Twitter is to help others when they ask for advice. If one of your followers asks a question, answer it if you can. If they ask for comments on a blog post or change to a website, make a comment. If you know of a person that needs something that one of your followers offers, send them to that person. Make sure you tell the follower what you are doing so they know. That will build trust with them and they will do the same to you.One way to have poor success with Twitter is to talk about your business all the time. Advertise your business all the time, talk about how you can help others with your business, don't talk to others, don't help others, etc. You lose followers like hot cakes when you do this. People don't want to hear about your business all the time.


Facebook gives you the ability to communicate with others through groups and guest books. You can find friends, coworkers, clients, customers, and others on Facebook. There are groups you can join or you can create your own. With these groups you can network and learn from the people that are a part of these groups.Just like Twitter, you don't want to over do it with your business talk. The best thing to do is talk to people, get to know them, share exciting things that are happening, and so on. Its ok to talk about your business, just don't do it the entire time while you are online.


LinkedIn is the way networking was supposed to be. When you set up a LinkedIn account, you add your experience, past positions held, education, recommendations, and websites. It's a way of building trust so people will be able to feel comfortable working with you.LinkedIn also has groups that you can join. These groups are a way to network with others that are in the same type of business as you or groups that are full of your target market. You can share valuable information with the participants of the group and you can also learn from these people.Networking is vital for business owners. If it's done the correct way, you will be successful in business. When it's done incorrectly, people won't want to do business with you.

Here's to your networking success!

Michael Frost is the CEO of WebHost Goldmine LLC, an online business dedicated to users of all types providing the best branding, customization, hosting, training and overall business/pleasure experience on the web. WHG is the "gateway to the internet" and a "must have" in all households. Michael is also a Certified Success and Wealth Building Coach and has worked with many of the top Fortune 500 Corporations helping their executives achieve their inner prosperity. If you're ready to take total advantage of all features, functions and benefits that the internet has to offer, check out his website at

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