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SME Discounts Aims To Reduce SME’s B2B Online Marketing Spend

on 30 Jun  Posted by Admin  Category: News a new online service specialising in providing collective buying discounts on B2B products and services, aims to reduce SMEs’ B2B marketing costs.

June 30, 2011 -- At a time of weak consumer confidence amidst economic uncertainty, many small business owners are uncertain if expensive marketing campaigns will provide a return on their marketing investment. a new online service specialising in providing collective buying discounts on B2B products and services, aims to reduce SMEs’ B2B marketing costs.
Andries Smit, founder of SMEdiscounts, is well experienced in the world of SME’s having set up 12 ventures himself in the past 15 years, one of which is the LEAP in Life Business Builders consultancy through which he helps start-ups and SME’s to grow through creative marketing initiatives and cost savings exercises.

In an interview Andries stated that: “Starting my own businesses and helping other to do so, made me really understand just how hard it is for B2B businesses to get new clients. Usually marketing costs run into the thousands of pounds for a single campaign. And if that doesn’t dilute the benefit from getting the new clients, the endless meetings of presenting and convincing prospects to actually buy, will.”

Another key problem with traditional marketing is that it is extremely hard to measure the return on your investment accurately. So business owners and entrepreneurs are basically risking their hard-earned or sourced funds to try and find something to help them attract new business.

This realisation and an adept entrepreneurialism led him to discover a gap which this new service can fill. How?

Explaining itself as the “Group Buying” service for B2B SME’s, it offers businesses free email alerts to substantial discounts on B2B products and services. SME Discounts are focussed on delivering discounted deals on marketing services such as SEO, SMO, CRM, PR and telesales, but will also list deals on operational services such as office space or recruitment, IT services such as software, hardware and support, and financial services such as insurance and banking.

SME encourages the companies offering the deals (“merchants”) to offer between 40% to 90% off to attract as many new clients as possible. As they are marketing to a pre-qualified and targeted SME market, response rates tend to be much higher than traditional marketing methods. The added benefit of no upfront costs also helps merchants to try the service with no risk. If no one buys, it doesn’t cost the merchant a penny.

Customers benefit by gaining vital products or services of a high quality at exceptionally low prices thus reducing their own costs.

With a win-win situation for customers and merchants, the growth potential for SMEdiscounts is incredible. This could be what the UK SME market needs to help it pull the UK economy towards pre-recession growth figures.

About SME Discounts
SME is the “Groupon” of B2B SME services. SME Discounts provides “group buying” discounted deals on marketing, operations, IT, finance and other B2B products and services. Helping SME’s to start and grow with 40%-90% discounts on their business products and services. SME Discounts also help B2B businesses to attract new clients quickly and without any upfront costs or risk. Sign-up today to receive the latest discounted deals in your area or to grow your own company, it’s free!

For more information on the discounted deals on B2B products and services SME Discounts offers please visit

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