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Performancing Blog Analytics

on 20 Mar  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

by Rob Sullivan

I read in a forum today that some users who are using Google Analytics are noticing that their sites seem to be getting removed from Yahoo!

While this seems strange at first it does make sense in a way. After all, Yahoo! doesn't want to be giving away any secrets to Google.

Whether Yahoo! is doing this or not is the topic of another article. Instead I wanted to give you an alternative to Google Analytics in case this is what is happening.

Now, this analytics isn't a replacement for most sites. In fact it's built specifically for blogs. So if you don't have a blog, you might as well stop here. If you want to learn more however I recommend reading on.

Performancing is the name of the company and they recently launched a new blog analytics package that requires only a few lines of code be inserted into a few of your templates.

It's a free and easy sign up and once you are authenticated you can quickly insert the code on your blog. In fact if you use one of the more popular blog packages such as Movable Type, Wordpress, Blogger or Typepad they even offer you more detailed instructions on where and how to implement the code (FYI, I also noticed they have a 'non-blog' option, so perhaps if you are looking for a free non-Google analytics package it may be worth exploring).

I just signed up today and within 15 minutes I had the code on my templates and it was already generating data.

In the past couple hours I've been able to see that I've gotten Google referrals as well as referrals from other blogs which have linked to me or my articles.

But it gets better. The system also tracks AdSense referrals that I send. So now I can see what type of AdSense activity my site gets.

Further, it shows stats similar to real time stats including the past few visitors to the site, and the pages they visited.

The metrics dashboard is pretty simple, but this is a good thing if you're not into a complex analytics package. From what I've seen in just these past few hours it's a pretty complex package.

So if you are looking for a lightweight yet powerful analytics package for your small site or blog, I'd suggest checking into Performancing. Not only is it free, but it is quite able to monitor traffic for you in real time.

Rob Sullivan
Head Organic Search Strategist
Enquiro Full Service Search Engine Marketing

Tags: SEO

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