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Tackle Marketing Challenges and Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Tackle Marketing Challenges and Improve Marketing Effectiveness

VisionEdge Marketing (VEM) announced today the filing of three patents for products that help organizations address today’s top three marketing challenges: evaluating market and customer segments, auditing marketing effectiveness, and improving marketing alignment and accountability.

Austin, TX February 12, 2011 -- VisionEdge Marketing (VEM) announced today the filing of three patents for products that help organizations address today’s top three marketing challenges: evaluating market and customer segments, auditing marketing effectiveness, and improving marketing alignment and accountability. These web-based product suites encapsulate proven, proprietary methodologies used by VEM in organizations of all sizes and across all industries, over the last 12 years. They were developed to specifically meet customer requests for easy to use, easy on the wallet, tools to improve overall marketing effectiveness.

The first product is the web-based Avantage Tools Suite™, consisting of Avantage Positioning™, Avantage Target™, and the Avantage Opportunity Calculator™. These tools were derived from proven methodology the company uses in its consulting services. These tools are among the first of its kind to provide an easy to use fact-based approach to segmentation and positioning. “Market segmentation and positioning are critical success factors to marketing organizations,” said Christopher Doran, Vice President of Marketing, Manticore Technology. “I’ve not seen any products like these available through the web. The Avantage Tools Suite can add tremendous value to organizations looking to take a more fact based approach to developing their position in the marketplace. The segmentation product is ideal for any company wanting to make an apples-to-apples comparison between market opportunities.”

The second product, the Accelance™ Marketing Effectiveness Audit is in response to numerous inquiries from companies for an online tool they can self-administer to examine the marketing organization’s alignment, processes, systems, tools, and skills. This will be the first self-assessment audit of its kind and is a streamlined version of VisionEdge Marketing’s proprietary MarketStrength Audit™. The tool helps organizations identify performance management areas where Marketing is weak or lacking.

One obstacle many marketing organizations encounter is making the direct link between marketing activities and business results. “Alignment is a critical success factor for improving marketing effectiveness, moving from managing metrics to managing performance, and using marketing metrics to facilitate change. Alignment may seem like common sense and a relatively easy fix, however, in our work with hundreds of companies, we have found that this is often easier said than done. Most marketing organizations don’t have a process for ensuring alignment,” said Laura Patterson, President, VisionEdge Marketing.

VisionEdge Marketing’s Accelance Outcome-Based Mapping Methodology is the third product being patented. For nearly a decade VisionEdge Marketing has used this methodology with customers to better align marketing with the organization it supports, to establish outcome-based marketing metrics and KPIs, and to create the framework for a marketing dashboard. Initially companies wanting to use this methodology will be user certified by VisionEdge Marketing and then license this methodology for use by both enterprises and other marketing consultancies and agencies.

“This approach really helps marketers demonstrate to executive management the relationship between marketing investments and key business initiatives” said Carol Kurimsky, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing, PC Mall. “Marketers who use this process will be able to play a more strategic role in business planning and better clarify how they will impact the business.”

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About VisionEdge Marketing
VisionEdge Marketing of Austin, Texas ( enables organizations to leverage data and analytics to facilitate marketing accountability and operations, measure and improve marketing performance, develop dashboards, and enhance marketing and sales alignment in order to accelerate revenue and create a competitive advantage.

Avantage Tools Suite, Accelance Outcome-based Mapping, and Accelance Marketing Effectiveness Audit are patent pending.

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