Mrkt360 Interviewed at Googleplex To Discuss The Future Of Digital Marketing, AI & Google Voice - What Marketers Need To Know In 2018

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18 Jan

Top tier digital marketing agency Mrkt360’s CEO, Eran Hurvitz, visited Google’s global headquarters - Googleplex in Mountain View, California on Friday November 17.

Top tier digital marketing agency Mrkt360’s CEO, Eran Hurvitz, visited Google’s global headquarters - Googleplex in Mountain View, California on Friday November 17.

Mrkt360 is a full solution digital marketing agency, and a Google Premier Channel Partner. This means that they have a strong track record of growth and success for their clients. On Friday November 17, CEO of Mrkt360, Eran Hurvitz, sat down with one of Google’s Agency Development Managers, John D’zera, at Googleplex to discuss the growth of Mrkt360, their artificial intelligence technology, how they help their clients, to conduct a Q&A, and more.

As a Google Premier Partner, Mrkt360 has access to many of the latest and greatest betas and new features for AdWords, along with a dedicated team of Google account strategists who provide additional support for their clients. Mrkt360 also uses their in-house artificial intelligence machine learning platform, Mrkt365, to improve efficiencies and optimize marketing campaigns for their clients worldwide.

Eran is not only the CEO of Mrkt360 but the co-founder of Highbreed, an accelerator company that combines experienced senior management with new AI technology solutions. These solutions are proven, have large potential value, and drive an aggressive marketing approach for a high rate of success.

“After so many years in the industry I made the decision to create a different type of agency. An agency that specializes in innovations, digital marketing and artificial intelligence focused on the quality of services.” Eran says about the start of Mrkt360. “What we’re dealing with today is search engine optimization, adwords, youtube, google and facebook penalty removal, web design, speed optimization as well as conversion optimization.”

“We strive to partner with our clients to do the best possible job for them because their business is our business.” said Eran.

Eran talks about the 4 ways companies may be missing connecting with their audiences and how Mrkt360 has helped create a positive user experience for clients on their website. Mobile speed, mobile friendliness, clear call to actions and great user experience are important to connect with your audience and Eran goes into more detail about why.

“53% of customers will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load and mobile pages that load 1 second faster see up to 27% increase in conversion rate.” is just one example Eran gives about how companies can improve user experience for their website visitors.

Going into trends Eran and John discuss the future of marketing including voice search. Voice search is something that marketers need to start focusing on and targeting as over 20% of questions are being conducted through voice search. 
“By following Google’s advertising best practices, we were granted Premier Partner status - setting us apart from other agencies. We are gold winners in the Google Partners Competition, and are proud to say we ranked number three in Canada for new client revenue to Google in 2016.” stated CEO Eran Hurvitz.

From only being able to learn from one entity to growing to be able to learn from over 3000 online marketing providers, CEO Eran Hurvitz also discusses the importance of AI and how the Mrkt365 technology has become what it is today. 
To hear Eran talk about Mrkt360, AI, being a Google Premier Partner and more - visit Mrkt360's YouTube Channel.

About Mrkt360: Mrkt360 is a Google Premier Partner marketing agency located in Toronto, Ontario.They provide services in Google AdWords, SEO, SMM, SEM, Web Design and more. With their artificial intelligence SEO platform, they have helped start-up companies grow from their incubation period to publicly traded companies, generating millions of clients for their customers, and 100’s of success stories. They were awarded the Gold Prize in the Google Partners competition, ranking them number three in Canada for new client revenue to Google.

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