New Click Fraud Prevention Functionalities Could Save Advertisers Billions in 2022, Says Heavyweight Digital Co-Founder

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24 Jun
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Ad spend losses from click fraud might reach $68 billion worldwide in 2022, a recent Juniper Research study predicts. With those kinds of numbers, says Heavyweight Digital co-founder and managing director Roy Dovaston, click fraud is ‘highly likely to affect most UK businesses in the near future’. To stop click fraud in its tracks, Heavyweight Digital has added Microsoft Ads functionality to its click fraud-blocking system.

This functionality is especially critical for UK businesses, Dovaston points out. Although US losses look to top the affected countries, UK losses will likely land in the top five. He adds, ‘For that reason, it’s a prudent move for UK advertisers to harden their pay-per-click advertising against click fraudsters proactively. That’s why we added the Microsoft functionality and are working feverishly on a Facebook Ads one’.

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