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How can I optimize my videos

on 14 Sep  Posted by Admin  Category: General  

by Jody Nimetz

Quite often we get asked "how can I optimize my videos so that the search engines and users will find them?" Until recently this is a topic that many webmasters and site owners didn't really worry about, but with the launch of Universal Search by Google, the video silo is another medium that you really do need to optimize so that the search engines and more importantly the user can access your video content.

There are many ways that you can optimize your videos. In fact, before your even upload your video to the Web, you should edit it and ensure that it is of the best quality possible, but that's another topic for another day. Let's discuss a different type of video optimization. When we refer to video optimization, we are speaking from an SEO perspective. We have compiled a list of best practices and tips for SEO video optimization that I have posted over at SEO-Space. It's a pretty hot topic right now so I thought that I would post them here at ASK Enquiro in their entirety as well. So here is a partial list of some tips and best practices that you should use when optimizing your videos for SEO.

Tips and Best Practices to Consider for Video Optimization

Video optimization as part of your search engine optimization efforts can be a great way for you to expose your brand to users who may have otherwise not been familar with your brand, your product(s) or your service(s). With the launch of Universal Search from Google, you can expect to see more and more video results occupying the search engine results that are served up by Google.

Marketers and site owners are continuing to experiment with video as a means of intercepting their target markets. As a result, we are seeing more video driven content surface on the Web. Just how popular is video content on the Web? Well depending on the study or data you review, the results vary.

The thing is, as is the case with a lot of the content on the Web, a lot of the video out there is useless and lacking in informative content. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great "How To" video's out there, but there are a lot of video footage that is really just noise and an interuption to those of use looking for useful, relevant information. According to, the growth of online video has been quite explosive.
1. YouTube | 51,378 Unique Visitors | 162% Year-over-year growth
2. Google Video | 17,759 Unique Visitors | 137% Year-over-year growth
3. AOL Video | 15,687 Unique Visitors | 114% Year-over-year growth
4. Yahoo! Video | 15,473 Unique Visitors | 405% Year-over-year growth
5. | 15,281 Unique Visitors | 69% Year-over-year growth
6. MSN Video | 11,967 Unique Visitors | 8% Year-over-year growth

(Unique Visitors (1000s)(June 2007)

With this type of growth, the need for online video optimization is a must. As a result, we have compiled a few best practices that you should consider when looking to optimize your online video.

Video Optimization Best Practices and Tips

1. Make sure that your video clips are relevant and informative - For starters, ensure that your video provides useful and informative information. Videos that demonstrate step by step procedures are great, videos that express an opinion about a specific topic can be useful too. Videos that have nothing to do with your brand or service offering or are general or vague in nature will just confuse your audience. Save the viewer the trouble and don't just upload a video for the sake of uploading a video.
2. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #1: Give your video a Catchy Title - Video can be used to bring visitors to your site. One way to get users to view your video is to give it a catchy title that contains a related key phrase that is relevant to your product, service or brand.
3. Use Video as a Portal to other Content on Your Site - Upload a couple of videos to portals like YouTube and provide links back to related content and other videos on your site.
4. SEO Video Optimization Fundamental Tip #2: Optimize your video for Important Key Phrases - You might want to optimize your video for terms