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Easy PPC tips

on 08 Dec  Posted by Admin  Category: Site Promotion  
Like Google, Yahoo sells paid placement advertising links that appear on its own site and distributed to others. These are sold through Overture. Yahoo purchased Overture as part of an acquisition in October 2003. PPC, also known as pay-per-click is the best and the fastest way to increase your affiliate earnings. Given below are some pointers that provide you with some very basic information that would be necessary for those who are new to pay-per-click, to get started.

1. Be thorough in your keyword research:
This is a vital step in successful PPC marketing. In order to pull quality traffic to your website that will result in sales, you need to know what the keyword phrases you need to bid on are. You can sign up for WordTracker, or you can make use of Google's free keyword tool.

You can expect higher bids for the more competitive keywords. However, as you browse through the list you will observe that there are some keywords that are not heavily targeted. They may result in a successful campaign.

The best advice when it comes to PPC is to know your target market and affiliate programs thoroughly. This way you can make pay-per-click ads that use keyword phrases those in your market would be likely to search for and increase your affiliate earnings.

2. Never ignore good advice:
PPC is a game whose rules are constantly changing. This makes it difficult to gain expertise, unless you keep in touch with those who already have a good grasp on the game.

You should also buy and read books, subscribe to special newsletters that offer information on the topic, and stay up to date with the latest pay-per-click trends by seeking the advice of those who are already in the know.

Seasoned players would also find it to their advantage to constantly keep an open mind, in order to gain new knowledge to further increase their affiliate earnings. The worst thing you can do is to restrict yourself to a set pattern of thinking.

3. Keep testing:
This is the most important step in successful advertising. You need to know which ads are working and which ones are not. The beauty of PPC is that the medium makes it very easy to measure your success.

Measurements and audience response can be gauged by creating split ads. Make sure that you direct one group of users to a particular page, and the other to its counterpart. The changes could be in the form of adding a value proposition or just changing the font style or size. Just be sure that you only change one thing.

Testing helps you to understand what is working and what it isn't. You might also want to consider joining an ad tracker service that allows you to determine which ads are converting sales and which ones are sucking out your revenue.

4. Aim to get quality traffic:
Keep in mind that traffic in numbers is not that important. True, more traffic will increase your probability of a sale; however, it is pointless creating an ad that draws numerous visitors if no one buys the product.

Let's say that you manage to send nearly 1,000 visitors to a sponsor or affiliate program. You buy those visitors from a pay-per-click search engine for a 0.10 each. Amounting to $100.Say you made three sales. What you really paid is $33.33 per sale.

You spent $100 to make 3 sales. Three sales cost you $33.33 each. If you had made 10 sales from the same amount of traffic, your sales would have cost $10 each.

Obviously you would want to spend your time in targeting traffic that will result in clicks that ultimately result in sales otherwise you are wasting your advertising budget.

To avoid losing money, test your ads, create a few ads in the beginning and measure their success prior to bidding on more keywords, create a different ad campaign for each keyword, and do not bundle your ads together.

I hope you enjoyed the lesson on Overture's P.P.C program. And I hope you learned alot. Most affiliate marketers concentrate solely on Google Adwords sponsored search, leaving massive opportunity for most niche markets in the Overture, MSN & Yahoo search engines.

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