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Article by Axandra
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Google released a new version of the Penguin algorithm about a month ago. Websites that were penalized by a previous Penguin update should have recovered with the new update if they removed spammy links in the meantime.

This did not happen for all websites. What's the reason for that and what can you do to make sure that your own website will recover?

by Rebecca Maynes

Over the past few weeks we have posted a 10-post blog series focusing on the changing nature of Google’s search engine results page, and how searcher behaviour has changed accordingly. The blogs were based on Mediative’s latest research project, “Google’s Evolving Results Page and The Impact on Your Business” which can be downloaded for free.

Mr. Lieberman of shows the relationship between raising social profiles and improving search rankings on major search engines.

“Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are important for more than just connecting with family members, friends and business associates living all over the world.”

These were Chad Lieberman’s opening remarks during his lesson on the importance of social networking to s business’s SEO strategy. “You may imagine that social networks have nothing to do with your business’ professional networks and have therefore done everything including implementing on-page SEO,” he asserted, “but any SEO agency would give a very different report if you were to consult.”

by Jody Nimetz

The Phenomenom of Google Algorithm Watching

In Google’s attempt to organize the World’s information, a new phenomenon has transpired in recent years, the algorithm watch.  Search marketers (and others) have tried to gain an understanding into Google’s algorithm (of which there are many) to try and understand just how Google returns results for Apple the brand (not the fruit) when you perform a search for “apple” in Google. While some have tried to reverse engineer Google’s algorithms, a major update can leave Webmasters and site owners scratching their heads.  Google has brought the whole issue of algorithm watching upon them.  In fact, they used to announce (or leak) when there was a major algorithm update. I’ve been writing about Google algorithm updates for years such as hereherehere and here. The fact is one of my initial projects in this industry was to identify and research what the Florida Algorithm Update was all about.  So my experience with Google algorithm updates is vast.  Here is a reminder about some of Google’s most well- known algorithm updates:

DFWSEM will host the annual State of Search Conference, the premier search marketing conference in the South, on November 17-18.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association (DFWSEM), a local and established group of online marketing professionals, is pleased to be hosting its annual State of Search Conference November 17-18.

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