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SEO Company in Vancouver WA Offers Classes at Clark College

by Admin is a SEO company in Vancouver WA that has been operating for nearly 5 years. The company's owner offers SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Blogging Classes at Clark College's Economic and Community Development Department.

Wipple Inc., a SEO and Internet Marketing company based out of Vancouver Washington, is now offering affordable classes for those interested in learning more about building their business online.

Backlinks are dead, or are they?

by Admin

Article by Axandra
SEO software

"Link building is dead" is something that you might have heard from several SEOs during the last few weeks and months. It's true that search engine optimization has changed a lot. But are links really not important anymore? Or are some people just drawing the wrong conclusions?

4 Handy Metrics for Organic Search & SEO in 2015

by Admin

by Jody Nimetz

If you have been participating in digital marketing for long enough, you are well aware of the various metrics and performance indicators that you can use to measure the success of your campaigns. From an Organic perspective alone, there are a plethora of metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you can report on to show the progress of your campaign. In a slightly simplified manner there are really three areas of measurement that directly measure organic search/SEO performance:

  1. Traffic – or more importantly how people arrived on your website.  SEO is about driving traffic to your web properties. (#omg)
  2. Engagement – that is how people are interacting with your content after arriving on the site.
  3. Conversion/Goals – consider this the “endgame” that is the action that you want the user to take after and upon visiting your website? Are you looking for them to register for a newsletter, make a purchase, call a call center or download a PDF?

Pepperpot Digital Explains the Importance of SEO in a Changing World

by Admin

17 Feb

Competition continues to increase in most industries thanks to Internet growth, leading to the need for companies to find new ways to grab a consumer's attention, reports

Studies show more than 90 percent of Internet experiences begin with the use of a search engine. For this reason, companies need to ensure their site can easily be found by consumers. Users tend to make use of organic links rather than paid ones, meaning one needs to be on the first page of the search engines to be found and those located in the top three spots tend to see the best results. Any company struggling to achieve this goal should consider making use of Pepperpot Digital ( for helping in moving up in this realm.

New Local SEO YouTube Channel Launches This Month

by Admin

Top Online Marketing for Local and National Search Engine Optimization company, Eazy Local Leads, announces their new YouTube channel featuring videos covering topics for Local Business Owners and Professionals such as Local SEO, Search Engine Visibility and Internet Marketing Campaign.

Local Business Owners and Professionals looking for the latest information on Local SEO are invited to subscribe to the all-new YouTube channel by Eazy Local Leads. This new channel promises to provide expert guidance and information on a regular basis.

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